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Detox image collage: Detox Health Food Bowl + woman in bathrobe enjoying a cup of yoga tea + night shot of the Pools in the Grand Spa of the Villa Contessa Luxury Spa Hotels
Our Villa Contessa resort has been awarded the "Falstaff Spa Award".

For your health. For your well-being.

A detox cure for your health

With a detox cure you promote your well-being and actively support your body in detoxification.

During periods of stress, your body accumulates toxins. The aim of a detox cure is to eliminate these accumulated toxins from your body and to revitalize your metabolism. For this purpose, we have developed our special arrangement "Detox Time" in cooperation with renowned doctors.

Our "Detox Time" package offers you a well-founded detox cure with a dietary nutrition program that is based on the latest nutritional findings and provides your body with targeted support during detoxification.

Take time for yourself and support your health with a regenerating detox cure at our Villa Contessa Resort!

Detox offer

Detox Time

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5 nights | 7 nights
10 nights | 14 nights
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Detox diet

Detox Morning Tea
Detox breakfast
Detox lunch
Detox Smoothie
Detox snack
Detox dinner

Detox Basics

Bentonite drinking cure
gentle intestinal cleansing
(on request)

Exercise & Sport

sports activities
Individual sports programs can be added (e.g. Nordic walking, yoga, personal fitness trainer)

SPA & Regeneration

Use Grand Spa
Use Pools & Lounge
Sauna | Bio sauna
Detox & Spa treatments can be booked additionally

Other services

Personal guest service
(around the clock / 24 hours a day)
Concierge service
Medical consultation (upon request)

Complete price

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5 nights: from 1.489 €
(arrival day: Sunday)
5 nights: from 1.489 €
(arrival day: Sunday)
7 nights: from 1.489 €
(arrival day: as desired)
10 nights: from 1.489 €
(arrival day: as desired)
14 nights: from 1.489 €
(arrival day: as desired)

Optional extras

Exercise & Sport

Two guests of the Villa Contessa Resort jogging in the natural landscape at Scharmützelsee.

Nordic Walking / Power Walking

35 €

Yoga Sessions

125 €


125 €

Accompanied bike tours on the lake

45 €

Personal Fitness Trainer

135 €

Spa Treatments

Lounge area at Grand Spa with a view of the Pool

Detox Spa Package Basic

358 €

Detox Spa Package Premium

578 €

Detox Beauty Package

375 €

Slim & Sculpt

179 €


from 55 €


from 119 €

Mental Detox

Meditation & Yoga in the morning in the park - Villa Contessa - Luxury Spa Hotels

Guided meditation

155 €

Qi Gong

155 €
Our Villa Contessa resort has been awarded the "Falstaff Spa Award".

Especially recommended

Awarded with the Falstaff Spa Award

Our detox offer is recommended as a special highlight in the Falstaff Spa Guide.

Our Villa Contessa resort has been awarded the "Falstaff Spa Award" as one of the best spa hotels in Germany.

With hundreds of thousands of readers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, the Falstaff Hotel & Spa Guide is one of the most important hotel guides in the German-speaking world.

A vegan dish at the restaurant of the Villa Contessa Hotel & Spa Resort: Detox Bowl with quinoa, microgreens, avocado, blood orange, broccoli, watermelon radish and alfalfa sprouts
Detox Smoothie in the Spa Restaurant of the Villa Contessa
Green detox smoothie with kale, lime, apple, kiwi, grapes, banana, avocado, lettuce.

What is a detox diet?

The basis for your well-being

You certainly know it: in the hectic pace of everyday life, you eat unhealthy foods much more often than you probably would like. Unfortunately, the list of small and large dietary sins is often far too long: fast food, large amounts of animal protein, white flour products, sugar, flavor enhancers, preservatives. Unfortunately, these many small "sins" put a strain on your intestines and your organism.

With a Detox cure in our Villa Contessa Resort you specifically counteract the dietary sins of everyday life and instead enjoy a very healthy, very conscious diet: with lots of antioxidants, fiber, healthy fats, proteins and vitamins.

For our "Detox Time" arrangement, we have worked with renowned medical experts to create a health-promoting nutritional program based on the latest nutritional science, which acts on the deposits in your intestines, promotes the detoxification (detoxification) of your body and thus effectively supports your immune system.

Detox Time
A happy couple in bathrobes embrace and smile with joy, enjoying the relaxation and tranquillity at Grand Spa of the Hotel & Spa Resort Villa Contessa.

Why Detox?

A booster for your health

The goal of a Detox cure is to rid your body of toxins and harmful substances. Detox cure helps your body to restore better functioning of the organs responsible for detoxification. Your body will thus be able to remove the toxins accumulated during periods of stress, expel toxins and reset your biological age.

Nothing is as important as your own health. Therefore, take time regularly for the care of your health! A detox cure supports you purposefully in a healthier, mindful lifestyle.

The positive detox effects:

  • Detoxification / purification of the body
  • noticeably more vitality and energy
  • Better digestion
  • Weight loss
  • good sleep
  • Greater resilience
  • better concentration
  • positive body feeling
  • Strengthening the immune system
Exterior view of Grand Villa  | a villa of the Hotel & Spa Resort Villa Contessa

Beautifully located in the land of a hundred lakes

Luxury Hotel & Spa Resort

Find peace, do something good for yourself, enjoy the beauty of nature - our Villa Contessa Hotel & Spa Resort offers you ideal conditions for a relaxing time out that is all about your health.

The beautiful white villas of our Villa Contessa resort are fantastically situated on the shores of the majestic Scharmützelsee, embedded in a picturesque landscape of nature and lakes. The dreamlike view of the lake, the kilometer-long lakeside promenades and the beautiful nature in the "Land of a Hundred Lakes" make our Villa Contessa Resort a perfect place to find soothing tranquility and deceleration from the hectic pace of everyday life.

Hotel Resort
Autumnal mood on the shore of the Scharmützelsee, taken in front of the lake property of the 5 star hotel Villa Contessa, Bad Saarow
View of the 5 star hotel Villa Contessa with its beautiful park and gardens
The Bad Saarow Seestraße in the golden autumn, taken in front of the 5 star hotel Villa Contessa
Close up of the historic seaside resort from Bad Saarow
Lake Scharmützel in autumn, surrounded by the idyllic nature in the golden colors of autumn
Grand Spa Pool  by night (Luxury Hotel & Spa Resort Villa Contessa - Bad Saarow / Brandenburg)
Interior of the Grand Spa - Wellness Spa with Pool  (Luxury Hotel & Spa Resort Villa Contessa - Bad Saarow / Brandenburg)

Grand Spa

Luxurious spa by the lake

Our luxurious Grand Spa offers you the perfect environment to do something good for your health.

Fantastically situated on the shores of the majestic Scharmützelsee, our spacious and light-flooded Grand Spa is a dreamlike spa retreat that offers you maximum privacy and exclusivity.

With our team of excellently trained therapists we offer you a first-class and varied range of wellness, Beauty- and health treatments.

Grand Spa

Grand Spa at a glance

  • exclusive Luxury Spa
    (size > 500 m²)
  • Heated outdoor pool
    (11m x 4m | approx. 32° C)
  • Pool Lounge with sunbeds
  • Summer Pool Bar
  • Atmospheric Pool
  • Whirlpool / Jacuzzi
  • Lounges with lake view
  • Dry sauna (90° C)
  • Bio sauna (60° C)
  • Steam bath (40° C)
  • Ice fountain
  • Kneipp baths
  • Heat bank
  • Rain Shower Showers
  • Rest areas
  • Spa library
  • Private treatment rooms
  • Beauty & Cosmetics Treatments
  • Spa & Wellness Treatments
  • spacious outdoor area
  • nestled in the enchanting nature of Mark Brandenburg
  • dreamlike situation at the lake
  • dreamlike lake view
  • much privacy
A therapist treats a visibly relaxed lady with a soothing body treatment at Grand Spa.

The perfect complement for your personal detox cure

Soothing Spa & Beauty Treatments

In our Grand Spa we offer you first-class Spa & Beauty treatments, from the soothing Relax Massage to the nourishing Detox Body Pack to the exclusive Signature Facial.

Our Spa Director Amelia Falenta and her team of highly trained therapists will be happy to coordinate your personal spa retreat with you.