Fascination Nature

Brandenburg Marrow

A picturesque lake in the state of Brandenburg. A beautiful natural landscape with hundreds of lakes surrounds our 5-star hotel & spa resort.

Thousands of lakes. Vast countryside. Green meadows & forests.

Magic of the Mark Brandenburg

A unique lake landscape with around 3,000 lakes. Enchanted hiking trails through magical natural landscapes. Wide cornfields stretching to the horizon. Secluded avenues with ancient trees. Lush green meadows and natural forests...

The Mark Brandenburg enchants with its incomparably beautiful natural and lake landscape. With this natural beauty, the Mark Brandenburg is a place of longing for people who enjoy the beauty of nature. A perfect place to find soothing peace and deceleration from the hectic pace of everyday life.  

In the heart of the beautiful Mark Brandenburg, on the shores of the majestic Scharmützelsee, you will find our private Hotel & Spa Resort.

Autumnal atmosphere at Scharmützelsee in the heart of Mark Brandenburg
A hiking trail through a forest in Bad Saarow / Brandenburg

The Whisper of the Forest

Unspoilt nature parks and extensive forests

The scent of moss, pines and fresh forest air. The gentle rustling of the treetops, the buzzing of wild bees. Deep green in all its facets.

In the vast, dense forests of the Mark Brandenburg you can discover the forest in all its diversity.

A relaxing walk in the forest has a very positive effect on your health. The plant micro-materials in the pure forest air and the beneficial movement in green nature lower your stress level and blood pressure, boost your immune system and have a positive effect on your breathing. Let the healing power of the forest take effect on you!

The vastness of the land

Rambling through the Mark Brandenburg

In addition to beautiful lakes and extensive forests, the Mark Brandenburg is characterised above all by its vast cornfields and green meadows. Lined with old avenues, dreamy villages and small farms, the vast fields & meadows stretch in gently curving lines to the horizon.

Whether in the shade of an old apple tree, on the dreamy shore of a lake or in the afternoon sun on the edge of a forest: almost everywhere you can find a cosy spot where you can let the enchanting landscape and the vastness of the Mark Brandenburg take effect on you.

A Brandenburg cornfield in the sunshine
Jetty at Scharmützelsee at sunrise

Experience nature

In one of the most lake-rich regions in the world

With around 3,000 lakes, the state of Brandenburg is the most water-rich federal state in Germany. The picturesque landscapes with beautiful forests, green meadows & floodplains, secluded river and stream courses and fields stretching to the horizon make the state of Brandenburg one of the most beautiful travel destinations in Germany.

In the heart of the beautiful Mark Brandenburg, situated on a picturesque lakefront property, you will find our Villa Contessa Hotel & Spa Resort.

Our hotel resort is an ideal starting point for excursions, cycling tours and hikes in the Brandenburg countryside. At our reception we will be happy to give you tips on the most beautiful excursion destinations.

Fascination Lake
Starry night sky over Lake Scharmützel - taken from the hotel Villa Contessa on the lakeside promenade of Bad Saarow

Starry nights

With beautiful sunsets by the lake

The Mark Brandenburg is characterised by extensive natural landscapes that are only populated with small villages. The best conditions for a brilliant starry sky.

On the dreamlike lakeside terrace of our Villa Contessa restaurant, with a little luck you can first enjoy a beautiful sunset and then the best view of the starry sky above the majestic Scharmützelsee. The clear view into the endless expanses of the sparkling starry sky is both fascinating and sublime. A true spectacle of nature.

Evening atmosphere at a jetty on Lake Scharmützel