Grand Spa

Smiling woman in a cosy bathrobe drinking a cup of wellness tea after your massage treatment at Grand Spa of the Hotel & Spa Resort Villa Contessa.

Relaxing massages and soothing spa treatments

For your complete well-being

It is your valuable feel-good time that you have earned.

In our Grand Spa you can indulge yourself with soothing treatments:

  • Massages
  • Body Treatments
  • Facials
  • Beauty & Cosmetic
  • Manicure

Our excellently trained therapists will be happy to coordinate your personal spa pampering programme with you.

A happy couple relaxes at Grand Spa of the Hotel & Spa Resort Villa Contessa


Aroma oil massage

During the aroma oil massage, soothing relaxation massage techniques are applied and precious essential aroma oils are gently massaged into your skin. With their pleasant fragrance, the aromatic oils quickly make everyday stress evaporate and give you a very pleasant feeling on your skin. A wonderful massage for soothing relaxation.

25 minutes - €65
40 minutes - €85
60 minutes - €105

Perfect Balance Massage

Perfect Balance Massage is a soothing full-body relaxation massage that offers you a perfect combination of complete deep relaxation and the best care for your skin. With the precious active ingredients of shea butter, which for many centuries has been considered a true miracle cure for skin care, your skin will be pampered and optimally cared for. With the deep relaxing massage techniques that characterize the Perfect Balance massage, you will enjoy complete relaxation.

50 minutes (without peeling) - 129 €
70 minutes (with full body peeling) - 179 €

Hot Stone Massage

During the hot stone massage, your body is first anointed with precious oil. Then you are gently massaged with warming volcanic lava stones. This fascinating, millennia-old massage method gives you comforting warmth, deep-relaxing regeneration and a holistic feeling of well-being.

60 minutes - 139 €


Classic wellness-relax massage for relaxation.

25 minutes - €55
40 minutes - €75
60 minutes - €95

Anti-stress massage

The stress of everyday life often manifests itself in tension in the area of the head and neck muscles. These tensions can cause headaches, fatigue and lack of concentration. Our anti-stress massage is a soothing head and neck massage that effectively relieves tension in the head and neck area. A wonderful massage for active stress relief.

30 minutes - €59

A therapist treats a visibly relaxed lady with a soothing body treatment at Grand Spa.

Body Treatments

Intensive Body Pack

Give your skin the care it needs and deserves!

Our "Intensive Body Pack" combines a soothing full body peeling with a moisturising full body pack. Your skin is deeply cleansed and intensively moisturised. With the intensive moisturising care of this body treatment, your dry, stressed skin receives exactly the care it needs. The perfect care for your skin.

60 minutes - €169

Firming Body Pack

This exclusive body treatment consisting of a full body peeling and a full body wrap has been specially designed for women. The care & Beauty products used for this firming body treatment counteract unwanted fat deposits (anti-cellulite treatment) and ensure soft, supple skin.

60 minutes - €169

Detox Body Pack

This special body treatment begins with a deep cleansing full body scrub. Then a detox algae pack is applied to your body. This pack nourishes your skin with the highly effective active ingredient extracts and minerals of the precious deep sea algae. As a result, this Detox Body Treatment works to combat pollutants that have become trapped in your skin. Your skin can take a new breath and regenerate. Your skin will thank you for it.

60 minutes - 149 €

Detox & Health
Treatment room at Grand Spa - with a view of the Pool | Luxus Hotel & Spa Resort Villa Contessa - Bad Saarow / Brandenburg

First class cosmetics & facials

Exclusive Beauty Spa

In our exclusive Beauty Spa we offer you first-class cosmetic and Beauty treatments.

With our team of excellently qualified beauticians, we offer you the optimum dermatological expertise for first-class beauty care treatments that are perfectly tailored to the individual needs of your skin.

Discover the range of treatments on offer at our Beauty Spa!

Beauty Spa